Time to ‘Buka Mulut’ for Performance Art

Diners at a restaurant in 1 Utama Shopping Centre were served more than just food last Saturday – they feasted on one night of daring performance art.

Titled “Buka Mulut”, the event was an initiative by Buka Kolektif and The Instant Café Theatre Company to introduce a new audience to the lesser-known art form.

It was held in Dave’s Pizza Pasta Vino and featured ten local artists…

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Local performance art speaks out (Photograph © Buka Kolektif 2010)


The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra plays Music of the Movies at a stunning performance in the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. Pieces played includes music from Star Wars, The Planets, and ET.

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Art for Charity

A charity art exhibit in memory of Mrs. Tan Siau Bian at the ArtSalon@SENI Mont Kiara in interest of social responsibility.

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Local art gallery promotes a good cause

University students juggle dance and academia

Spotlight on Dance
A variety of stories from university students in Malaysia, their passion for dance and dedication to studies.

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‘The Reluctant Saint’ Brings People Together

A musical about an 18th Century Italian priest unites Malaysians and foreigners.

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Diverse cast and crew behind a musical"The Reluctant Saint" features diversity onstageSinging rehearsals

The Reluctant Saint

Local musical celebrates diversity of cast and crew

Is photography still art as it is so common nowadays?

Photography as Art

It’s becoming common to see people carrying DSLRs around. So can photography still be considered as art?

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The artStage of Music

How would you lead your life if your an musician? Read on for the dream and difficulties of two musicians.

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What do you think of living a life as a Musician?


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